About us

Wings Within is a self-development conglomerate for personal growth and total wellness, stitched with self-fulfillment, self-actualization, and self-transcendence. You see, self-fulfillment is not having the accoutrements or trappings of external success. It is not just about fulfilling our dreams and ambitions. And it is definitely not synonymous with happiness. Happiness is a state of being and can fluctuate; for happiness is a choice. True Self-fulfillment is having autonomy, mastery, meaning, and purpose in our life. This is what drives us, inspires us, and excites us to jump out of bed every morning and present our gifts to the world – adding value to our life and value to our planet. Thereby, permitting us to feel worthy, complete, content, and most of all, rich with a rewarding life. Self-actualization is realizing and understanding our full potential and the power that lies within. When we become aware of our power and aware of our potential, it incites us to rise above mediocrity; it pushing us to be all that we can be; and it invites us to step into our greatness and activate our brilliant abilities. Self-transcendence is the practice of becoming spiritually awakened; it is the unfolding into our higher self – the God within. The God within enlightens us with intuition and guides us with a moral compass – enabling us to think consciously and live consciously with the whole in mind.

Why is this all relevant? If we don’t have true self-fulfillment, the heart will continuously yearn for more – always on the prowl seeking satisfaction to fill that nagging void – leaving us empty, restless, drained, and discontented. If we don’t have self-actualization, we will not expand and come to know of our strengths and capabilities and move fluidly through the world with significance, force, and influence. And if we don’t have self-transcendence, we won’t transform into the greatest version of ourselves and taste the sweetness of living a blissful, harmonious, and awaken life; and hence, live a desirable and deliberate life. So as you can see, infusing self-fulfillment, self-actualization, and self-transcendence into our life is vital to our self-development. These three necessities will motivate us to become authentic, empowered, and whole; thus, compel us to live a meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling life which will lure us to experience total wellness; and lead us to personal growth.

“To live a happy, fulfilled, and purposeful life every day is not just a dream, it is our daily responsibility.” – Michael Berg

Our Purpose

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.”
Maya Angelou

For centuries women have been marginalized and their voices silenced. As a result of this suppression and oppression, women have been forced to play small, submit, settle, and conform. However, because of this current revolutionary climate inciting justice and equality for all, now is the perfect time for women to rise and become the fierce and amazing woman they were created to be; and live life blatantly with authenticity, authority, and greatness. It is every woman’s birth right! And every woman deserves it!

At Wings Within, we are on your side. We rally with you and for you. You see, Wings Within, is a woman owned business and was established for the sole purpose to support all women to evolve into the greatest version of themselves – magnifying your potential, soaring to new heights, and blossoming into the highest expression of you. Therefore, we are on a mission to hold the space for you to expand; to hold the vision for you to achieve; and to walk with you to overcome – all so you can journey on your chosen path to uncover your truth, stand in your truth, express your truth, speak your truth; and move through the world with power, respect, command, and confidence.

PENS™ Method

At Wings Within, we designed an unconventional system that ignites your personal growth and total well-being. It takes you to your secret dark places in order for you to see the light; it breaks through your entrenched barriers in order for you to have a break through; it unearths your truth in order for you to be enlightened; it gives you direction in order for you to journey on your chosen path; and it awakens your spirit and your soul in order for you to evolve and live whole. This ground-breaking system is called, the PENS™ method.

The PENS™ method is our signature formula we use to renew your mind and renew your life. It acts as a blueprint to show you how to expand and grow, uncover who you are at your core, discover the true purpose and meaning of your life, recover from the wounded places in your life, and shift the paradigm of your consciousness to help you analyze yourself and your circumstances from a different perspective – a perspective of triumph, authority, and power; rather than a perspective of defeat, passivity, and helplessness so you can begin to master your life and become empowered.

So as you can see, the PENS™ method is the key to your unfoldment, the key to you understanding the reason for your life, the key to healing your pain, and the key to developing a new mindset. As a result of this resolution, the PENS™ method is of great value to you because it authorizes you to have the power of the “PENS” in your hand to rewrite your story. You no longer have to accept the hand you were dealt and be discouraged in life; or surrender to your past and allow it to dictate your future; you have the license to create a new reality – a reality you crave. Lisa Nichols, an acclaimed motivational speaker said, “Don’t stand in your story; stand on your story.” This means, don’t permit the backdrop of your history to influence you in becoming a victim of your life, but influence you to move forward and rise to your greatest potential. Now… turn the page, my Goddess…what’s next for you?

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” – Unknown

What We Do

Wings Within is not a consulting, counseling, or therapy entity, but an exclusive coaching body (one-on-one coaching and group coaching). You see, a consultant provides expert advice, a counselor gives guidance, a therapist facilitates change; and a coach empowers a client to become empowered. We support our clients in discovering their own answers through cognizance, clarity, and intuition. We as coaches, feel the client possesses the expertise, the solutions, the abilities, and the wherewithal subconsciously. Coaches do not assume that we know best. Only the client has full knowledge of their situation. Only the client can govern their actions. And only the client has to live with the decision in which they elect. Nonetheless, each esteemed profession is vital and valued. However, it depends on the client, their circumstance, and their adversity to determine the proper fit. With that said, Wings Within, is not your ordinary coaching entity. We, at Wings Within, go beyond surface coaching. Surface coaching is pragmatic, but it leaves the need for wholeness ignored, and the supposedly lasting change to fade away. We go deep by exercising both Transformational Principles and Spiritual Principles which will allow us to get to the core of the problem; thereby, creating awareness which will lead to a paradigm shift, which will lead to a lifelong behavioral change, which will lead to a repaired, restored, and a renewed life – promoting wholeness and total well-being. We believe in giving our clients the necessary tools to uplift themselves. Our goal is to not have the client continuously depend on us for their survival, but to utilize our services for a period of time, apply our tactics to their life, and set the client free so they can soar on their own.

“Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese Proverb

  • Transformational Principles

    When we employ transformational principles in our coaching, we dissect your thought patterns, behavioral patterns, the way you are presenting yourself to the world, and your lifestyle in order to rewire your brain and generate a new way of thinking, a new way of doing, a new way of existing, and a new way of living; we magnify your awareness to recognize and reveal underlying patterns and habits that no longer serve you and keep you trapped; we emancipate you from limiting beliefs that prevent you from evolving into the greatest version of you; we broaden your lens to dismantle your perception of improbabilities so you can see an array of opportunities. Why is this important? You see, implementing these principles encourages you to focus on where you are today to where you choose to go; what you are doing today to what you desire to do; and who you are today to whom you aspire to become. Transformational principles moves you in the direction of your vision and tils the soil for personal development and achievement.

  • Spiritual Principles

    Spiritual Principles supports you in unfolding. It sets you free to uncover and understand the truth about you, the truth about life. Life is a journey, not a destination. And it is what happens in between that is essential to your growth. What happens in between is what reveals you. What happens in between is what strengthens you. What happens in between is what grounds you. What happens in between is what gives you meaning. When we utilize spiritual principles in our coaching, it enables you to have a profound knowing of your true identity and your position in the universe. With that said, we will show you how to enrich your relationship with God and the universe which will promote compassion and unity; we will guide you in connecting to your inner wisdom which will provide you with insight and direction; we will teach you how to cease living out of pain and fear, and begin to operate out of love and trust which will present you with peace and gratitude; we will educate you on how to engage with the laws of the universe so you can attract the life you desire. Why is this important? Spiritual principles will sanction you to have a meaningful and intuitive life; and thus, allow you to realize that life divulges itself to you as a gift for your evolution. Once you recognize this, you can create experiences that offer a richer, fuller, and purposeful way of existing; and hence, become spiritually awakened.

The Big Why

Wings Within was established with you, the fierce woman in mind, along with 3 worthy causes:

  • Cause #1 – Live your Truth

    Although we have made significant strive and some women have climbed the ladder of success, and rebuked being barefoot, in the kitchen, and pregnant, they are still combating the residue of injustice. As a result of the biases and their need to continue the revolution to fight for equality, validity, and integrity, they have lost the beauty and the value of their authenticity in the battle. They are eagerly ready to reject their womanness to prevent from being marked as weak; defy their individuality to fit in; and thus, operate from a masculine energy to compete and scale. This demonstrates the denial of self. “God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” – William Shakespeare. Unfortunately, this is the mindset women have been persuaded to adopt in order to be successful, celebrated, and venerated. Due to the patina of our history – undervalued, underestimated, and underrepresented, society did not advocate for us to have the opportunity to express our true selves, our true power, and our true potential.

    We were taught to follow a script – conform, obey, go to school, get a secured job, get married, have children, save your money, stay loyal to your your job for 30 years, retire and supposedly live happily ever after. Now, there’s nothing sinful with following this script. Many women have and it worked for them. However, adhering to someone else’s script rather than your own forces you to forfeit your true identity, deprive your fulfillment, and abandon your joy – leaving you unsatisfied, frustrated, and desperately longing for more – torturing yourself with – “I could-a, would-a, should -a”; and the infamous – “If only I ___.” You fill in the blank.

    “Let go of who you think you need to be and just be who you actually are.” – Unknown

  • Cause #2 – Live your Purpose

    If we do not stand in our truth, and dare to become the person we were created to be, and dare to live the life we were destined to live, then despair will creep in and smother our individuality – forcing us to dull our light. You see, we are expansive beings, meant to be free, live freely, and express ourselves freely. Contrary to what some may think, there are no unplanned persons on earth – NO ONE IS A MISTAKE! We are all here for a purpose, on a mission to exercise our unique gifts to serve humanity, and to evolve into the highest expression of ourselves. Our subconscious knows we are here on an assignment, but it eludes us. That’s why we so often experience that gnawing feeling in our core that something is missing in our lives. If that specific task is not recognized and executed, then we will become directionless – always seeking to “find ourselves” – jumping from relationship to relationship and job to job; as well as, dissatisfied – always seeking empty pleasure – getting high off the temporary thrill, but still yearning for the eternal contentment.

    Consequently, if our self-expression is suppressed, and the meaning of our life remains a riddle, then the foundation for our total well-being and personal growth will become unsound, our productivity will become infertile; and we will not be able to experience and enjoy true fulfillment. Therefore, if we are unfulfilled, unproductive, and unstable, we can become erratic, hopeless, and depressed – causing us to feel useless and unworthy; thereby, creating the perfect environment for addictions, destructive behaviors, and other mental and physical disorders that will plague our dreams and inhibit us from living a creative, gratifying, abundant, and healthy life.

    “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha

  • Cause #3 – Change the Future

    Iyanla Vanzant, the celebrated Life Coach said, “Women are the womb of the world.”

    This means women have the power in shaping the world. We are the first teachers. We create the guidelines and pave the path for generations to come. “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6. If we are dysfunctional and live in dysfunction, if we are broken and live in brokenness, then we will raise dysfunctional and broken children who will grow up and become dysfunctional and broken adults and will predictably repeat the cycle if there is no intervention, or a new model of how to think with intent, live deliberately, and exist wholistically. What does dysfunctional living look like? It’s when you become comfortable with your discomfort – meaning you keep doing the same thing over and over again even though you keep getting the same undesirable results over and over again. What does brokenness look like? It’s when you live life by default – allowing yourself to live as a victim and accept it as if you have no command to make a difference. You see, if we don’t take control of our lives, direct our lives, take responsibility for our actions, and stop waiting on life to happen to us and create the life we want, then we will continue to make dysfunction comfortable and brokenness acceptable.

    However, if we connect to Source – God, and allow God to radiate in and through us; become mindful of our thinking and behavior; become balanced and sound in every aspect of our lives, then we can become loving and merciful, conscious and whole; and thereby, raise conscious and whole children who will inevitably practice this great phenomenon called – humanity. This will be a trickling effect, and thus, shift the consciousness of the world. What would that look like? It would look like this – To live life with compassion, integrity and intention while creating a world that uplift and serve. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, remember, there once was a man who had a dream that changed the face of segregation – Martin Luther King, Jr. It all starts with the person in the mirror – YOU!

    “Let him that would move the world, first move himself.” – Socrates

Our Programs

Because our purpose here at, Wings Within, is for you to evolve into the greatest version of you, we have created a curriculum called, DESIGN LIFE LAB, and within this curriculum, we systematically crafted programs employing our signature formula – the PENS™ method which will support you and sustain you with your transformation. Therefore, it is of great value that you take the following 6 programs so you can successfully unfold into the remarkable woman you were created to be; undergo significant personal growth; take pleasure in experiencing total well-being; and with clarity and new insight, design the reality you desire!

  • The Truth of You Program

    Getting to know yourself is not just about the revealing of your distinctive qualities, your traits, and your characteristics; it’s also about unmasking the many disguises you wear to get to the essence of your true being. The Truth of You Program takes you on a journey to unveil who you are at your core so you can become authentic and live authentically; discover your true purpose in life so you can live consciously and intentionally; design a bold, powerful, and thrilling vision for your life so you can organize and implement the life you desire; tackle your body image issues so you can become accepting and comfortable living in your own skin; activate your sensual feminine power so you can illuminate your womaness and become magnetic; brand your true essence so you can strategically position yourself in society and soar; learn how to love yourself and teach others how to love you so you can have fulfilling relationships; build strength and character with high self-esteem so you can stand in authority and power; confront and conquer challenges so you can walk with confidence and be bold and live boldly; and so much more – all to support you to show up in the world genuinely and unapologetically. So if you want to rise and become the fierce woman you were created to be, then The Truth of You Program is for you! The Truth of You Program is a 12 week course packed with stimulation that arouses curiosity about the many complex layers of you; inspiration to follow the path of your new found destiny; and revelation that will open your mind and open your eyes to finally see the true you. Call today to register!

  • The Hidden Enemy in You Program

    So many of us go through life with constant struggle, never knowing what is behind the scene causing the dissention. Well, The Hidden Enemy In You Program can help you to uncover the culprit or culprits. The Hidden Enemy In You Program is designed to detect the concealed behavioral patterns that keep you a prisoner of your mind, and a prisoner of your life; it disrupts the actions and the mindset that no longer serve you – that keep you stuck in life and prevent you from living your potential; it analyzes your belief system and your value system which has a direct impact on the quality of your life, and how you live your life; it teaches you skills and new habits that will steer you in the direction of your highest good; it supports you in understanding the truth of your problems, and not be hoodwinked by your perceived truth; it assists you with developing healthy thought patterns that will encourage you to make conscious and wise decisions; it helps you to discover why you keep attracting the same type of people in your life, and the same type of undesirable circumstances in your life; and thus, it helps you to unearth those embedded wounds that keep you from feeling, keep you from loving, and most of all, keep you from living. So if you want to become a happier and healthier you; live a productive and rewarding life; liberate yourself from destructive behaviors and bad habits; cease feeling trapped in life; and live life with vitality and resilience; then, The Hidden Enemy In You Program is for you! The Hidden Enemy In You Program is a 16 week course chock-full of “a-ha” moments that will give you clarity; challenges that will push you to your potential; adventures that will advocate empowerment; and exercises that will aid you in achieving inner healing, and aid you in moving forward with momentum. Call today to register!

  • The Unfoldment of the Soul Program

    Your soul is encoded with the true meaning of your life. It cues you in to your appointed mission and strategically determines the scenarios in which you will partake to accomplish this designated mission, as well as, to unfold into the highest expression of you. You see, your soul incarnates to learn from the past, each life time leads you farther along your evolutionary path. Therefore, your daily task in life is to develop awareness, gain wisdom, and become mindful and deliberate in making choices that will expand your growth and shape your experiences to create a promising destiny and an evolved you. With The Unfoldment of the Soul Program, you will discover the real meaning of your life by understanding what your soul needs and why it decided to incarnate; you will identify the connection between your soul and your authentic self so you can become in sync with your life purpose and your soul’s purpose which will foster wholeness and contentment; you will realize how your soul affects your life, and how your soul directs your life which will encourage you to become cognizant of your motives and your actions – promoting you to live life intentionally rather than arbitrarily; and thus, you will learn how to integrate your soul’s purpose into your life so you can reach your full potential and experience completeness. So if you desire to know the reason for your existence; to be guided by truth to create a brighter future and a new and improved you; and hence, become empowered with insight to command and regulate your life, then The Unfoldment of the Soul Program is for you! The Unfoldment of the Soul Program is a 14 week course meticulously designed with divine endeavors, sacred activities, and thought provoking discussions that will lead you to enlightenment and the alluring of your unfolding. Call today to register!

  • The Total Well-Being Fitness Bootcamp

    (Prerequisite courses: The Truth OF You Program and The Unfoldment OF Your Soul Program)

    Because of our pressing responsibilities, we have become so busy focusing on doing, that we forgot how to be relaxed and secured in just being; thereby, neglecting to generate balance, contentment, and bliss in the 8 essential areas of our life which has a profound impact on our total well-being – Personal Growth, Spirituality, Career, Finances, Health, Relationships, Physical Environment, and Recreation. If any of these 8 essential areas are incomplete, then our wholeness, fulfillment, and self-expression will be denied – fostering frustration, depletion, and emptiness. You may be feeling the sting of being incomplete in some of these areas now, if you are in a relationship that is flatlining; a career that is unrewarding and draining; feel like something is missing in your life; or dissatisfied with the way your life is going? With the Total Well-Being Fitness Boot Camp, you will construct a working plan that will assist you in accomplishing your preferred goals in the 8 essential areas which will initiate self-fulfillment; you will learn how to take the reign of your life and begin to make deliberate choices and decisions that will not only be for the highest good for others, but most importantly for you which will permit you to live consciously and not by default; you will learn how to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life which will create wholeness and completeness; you will learn how to appreciate life, enjoy life, and experience life rather than just go through life which will produce a sense of pleasure, excitement, and gratitude; and thus, you will learn how to slow down and practice mindfulness to restore balance in your life. So, if you want serenity and poise in your life; indulgence and harmony in your life; live life with great passion; and have a rendezvous with thrills and adventure, then the Total Well-Being Boot Camp is for you! The Total Well-Being Boot Camp is an 8 week course inspiring you to envision and attain a fulfilling and wholistic life; it is full of transforming exercises that will move you from where you are today to where you want to be in each of the 8 essential areas of your life. This is the program where everything comes together and you can design and manifest the delicious life you desire! Call today to register!

  • The Awaken Parent Program

    If you are a parent and you want to support the emotional and psychological well-being of your child, then the following program is for you:

    Parents this is a new day – a new day for a new way of being, a new day for a new way of parenting. We as parents have been handed the torch from our parents in how to raise children – usually raising them to conform and survive and not to unfold and thrive. Our parents didn’t know differently. And that’s ok; as the renowned poet, Maya Angelou said – “When you know better, you’ll do better.” And now we know better. With The Awaken Parent Program, you will learn how to enrich your parenting skills; learn how to understand your child on both a spiritual and cognitive level; learn how to connect to your child and stay connected; learn how to awaken your child’s spirit as your spirit is awaken; learn how to create experiences that will support your child in his or her unfoldment; learn how to surrender control and accept; learn how to create fulfillment and balance with boundaries; learn how to respond to your child effectively; and much more. So if you want to have a profound understanding of parenting, build a foundation for a life time of love and happiness with your child, and most importantly, experience a deeper reverence and a well-integrated relationship with your child, then The Awaken Parent Program is for you! The Awaken Parent Program is a 6 week course overflowing with strategies and insights that will have you coming out the gate with solutions you can implement immediately; and thus, have you feeling refreshed and reborn as a parent – ready to illuminate your child’s path with your new found wisdom. Call today to register!

  • The Conscious Love Program

    If you want to have a profound understanding of a true love relationship, and create the relationship you desire, then the following program is for you:

    Research has shown that divorce rates in America are high…Why is that? Statistics show that unmarried couples break up within the first 5 years…Why is that? Both men and women alike say there aren’t any more good men or good women out there…Why is that? Well…for centuries intimate relationships have been deemed for physical pleasure and survival. We build our relationships on superficial attraction and self-interest. Our paradigm for ensuring a lasting, healthy relationship is blurred. However, it is not our fault; society did not groom us to understand the truth of a relationship. With The Conscious Love Program, you will learn how to revive your flat-lining relationship; you will learn the unadulterated truth about who you are so you can attract your awaiting soul mate; you will uncover the untold truth about relationships and why some don’t and can’t last forever; you will discover your archetypical love language and the archetypical love language of your spouse so you can successfully connect emotionally, unleash passion, and form a stronger bond; you will learn the communication language of the opposite sex so you can understand one another deeply, respect one another civilly, and relate to one effectively; you will discover why you have become a magnet to the men you don’t desire; you will learn how to create exciting experiences that will blossom into a fulfilling relationship; and you will learn much more. So, if you want to put that sizzling, romantic fire back into your relationship…or if you want to find that yummy, delicious relationship you have been craving…or if you want to discover why you keep inviting the same type of unfavorable men in your life, then The Conscious Love Program is for you! The Conscious Love Program is a 10 week course full of invaluable information that will support you in having a healthy, rewarding, and most significantly, an awaken relationship. Call today to register!


“The trouble is, you think you have time.”
Quote by – Buddha

What is your purpose in life?
What is the meaning of your life?
Who are you truly?
Do you know?


It’s up to you now, my sister, to take action and to decide is it worth staying in your comfort zone and waiting on life as it suffocates you? Or is it worth stepping outside of your comfort zone and create your life as it unfolds you? You see, the brain rejects anything new because it is terrified of the unknown; and therefore, despises change because change is perceived to the brain as potential danger. Its job is to keep you safe – out of harm’s way. And in doing so, the brain will entice you and convince you to continue with those old habits, to continue with those old patterns, and to continue with your predictable life, and it will do so by any means necessary. But sometimes you have to put your big girl panties on, face the fear, leap into faith, and take action, in spite of your nervousness, in spite of your doubts. F.E.A.R. is nothing but False Expectations Appearing to be Real. It is a construct of your mind.

Learn how to triumph…overcome…become empowered and master your life…

Marianne Williamson, a notable spiritual teacher said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.” My sister, only you know in the depth of your soul what you truly hunger for. You can choose to ignore the hunger or you can choose to feed it. The choice is yours.

How long do you want to keep putting your life on hold?


You see, Wings Within is a self-development conglomerate, and our mission is to support women to evolve into the greatest version of themselves. With that said, we bring a powerful transformational message infused with life altering activities and thought provoking discussions that will inspire your audience and move them into action – leaving them with the necessary tools they can implement in their lives immediately. Our topics are related to personal growth, total wellness, and conscious parenting. However, our speeches are not one size fit all. Each speech is tailored to the needs of your audience. So, if you have an event coming up soon and you’re ready to stimulate your audience with knowledge, amusement, and engagement, then fill out the form below and we’ll see you at the event!

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